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Main advantages of the Cutting Extinguisher:

• Improvement of firefighter safety as the fire is combated from a safe position outside a building/construction avoiding the risk of injury due to intense heat radiation and/or explosion of fire gases.

• Improvement of the work environment for firefighters because a fire can be combated from the outside, reducing the need to enter into hot and smoke-filled areas involving the risks of carcinogenic substances affecting the skin and lungs.

• Saving of time that is achieved by fast Cutting Extinguisher action at an early stage in a fire. In that cooling/inverting of fire gases can begin at an early stage of a fire, the rescue leader is provided with better conditions for planning and accomplishing the continued action.

• Enhanced options for the Rescue Leader since a fire can now be combated using completely new methods. For example, combined action using Cutting Extinguishers, thermo cameras and positive pressure fans has proved to be very effective in the fighting of many fires.

• Better access to fire in enclosed constructions such as double floors, wall and roof constructions, attics, ventilation ducts, and other constructions with restricted access.

• Considerable reduction in damage due to "surplus" water compared to using ordinary spray nozzles, because most of the droplets are vaporized by the fire. An ordinary spray nozzle of the Fog fighter type generates considerably bigger drops of water, contributing to the resulting damage in buildings and constructions subjected to fire.

• Small rescue units can quickly begin qualified firefighting. In principle, one person can handle the equipment but normally a Cutting Extinguisher team should consist of one person operating the tool and one person who monitors the burning building or construction with the aid of a thermo camera.

Easy to use and low weight characterizes the Cutting Extinguisher. The equipment can be fitted on a small vehicle. The hose is thin and reaches up to 300 meters at good power. The Cutting Extinguisher will probably also further the employment of more women in the Rescue Services.

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