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Efficient Fire Fighting

Quick action, using a Cutting Extinguisher, suppresses the course of a fire and gives the Rescue Leader more time to plan operations to facilitate optimum efficiency. Flashovers can be counteracted by early application of Cutting Extinguishers and the spreading of fire can be limited.

Analyses of action reports from more than 1,000 fires where Cutting Extinguishers have been used at an early stage of the fire, demonstrate that time is saved, spreading of fire is limited, fires have been put out, safer conditions have been achieved for smoke diving and material assets have been saved, to an extent not possible by the use of any other equipment available in the market.

The Cutting Extinguisher creates an important time margin for the Rescue Services when taken into operation in the early stage of a fire. In many cases the fire can then be limited and kept under control until conventional action can be taken in an efficient and safe manner.

The coldcut™ cobra can easily be fitted on a relatively small vehicle that can quickly make its way through heavy traffic. A small vehicle equipped with a Cutting Extinguisher can reach the scene of a fire and be put into action without delay, saving time in a variety of rescue operations. A clear trend in firefighting at present is the introduction of smaller and faster units.

A Rescue Leader with access to a varied toolbox has the most favourable conditions for managing various types of fire-related situations. Many Rescue Services in Sweden and in other nations, which have invested in Cutting Extinguishers, IR cameras and Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV), have devised combined extinguishing methods which demonstrate time-saving and improved extinguishing efficiency in many different operational situations. For more information please refer to action report

Clear advantages are apparent with regard to time in combination with limiting the spread of fire in those cases where the Cutting Extinguisher can be put into operation at an early stage of a fire, smoke diving can be facilitated and in some cases fires can be extinguished immediately:

Using IR cameras and Cutting Extinguishers without delay to quickly and safely.

• cool fire gases, thus significantly reducing the risk of flashover and further spreading of fire in a building.

• begin action against burning rooms in order to create better conditions for smoke diving.

• secure restriction lines at firewalls and physical boundaries from an outside position, to prevent the spread of fire.

• begin effective action against concealed smouldering fire.

• begin action against fire in boiler rooms, brickwork and other combustion constructions.

• begin action against fire in industrial facilities such as machinery, mills, filter housings, ventilation facilities, dust separators, dryer units, ovens, etc.

• begin penetration and extinguishing of fire and overheating phenomena in tanks, cisterns, silos, storage containers and similar constructions.

• begin penetration and extinguishing of fire in and similar objects.

• begin joint efforts with other units to carry out combined action using the Cutting Extinguisher concept also inside buildings and at greater heights.