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Saving Environment

Fire destroys economic values every year at extensive amounts. Damage by water in firefighting represents more than 50% of the costs in large fires. The Cutting Extinguisher has proved to be an invaluable tool in reducing the extent of damage in a way that no other equipment can offer.

Fire often results in substantial economic consequences for property owners and insurance companies in the form of material values that are lost, and also the loss of contributions to cover fixed costs/market shares (business owners) as a result of prolonged and extensive reconstruction and repairs.

The Cutting Extinguisher is a highly efficient firefighting tool that can quickly be taken into operation against a fire. Early action can begin from the outside and as the penetration hole is so small, no oxygen is admitted into the fire area, significantly boosting the firefighting effect. The fire can be subdued or extinguished using small amounts of water. These conditions create the best possibilities for reducing damage by water to a minimum while maintaining favourable firefighting capacity.

By using IR cameras and Cutting Extinguishers from a safe outside position it is possible to begin quick action in order to cool fire gases and thus significantly reduce the risk of flashover in a building. If a fire develops into a flashover it most often results in total loss of that part of the facility concerned.

Moreover, IR cameras and Cutting Extinguishers used from a safe outside position, you may secure restriction lines at firewalls and physical boundaries to prevent the spread of fire. In several situations it has been possible to halt the further spreading of fire by using a cutting extinguisher to establish a restriction line, for example through a roof.

In the case of fire in concealed areas such as double floors, walls, crawl spaces and attics, the Cutting Extinguisher has proved itself to be a very effective firefighting tool. Several of the presented action reports describe how Cutting Extinguisher action has been decisive in extinguishing and controlling fire in concealed spaces.

Even in the case of smouldering fire, the Cutting Extinguisher has proved itself to be a tool that features unique capabilities. Experienced firefighters have been surprised by how simple and smoothly it has been possible to limit/stop the spread of fire in constructions containing smouldering fire.

Traditional extinguishing of smouldering fire by exposure and jettisoning as a working method requires considerable resources and is dangerous with regard to the risk of igniting combustible fire gases and/or fire bursting out when using a power saw, etc.

By using IR cameras and Cutting Extinguishers it is possible to quickly begin action against fire in industrial facilities such as integrated machinery (mills, filter housings, ventilation facilities, dust separators, dryer units, ovens, etc) to prevent potential and serious damage to property and/or long interruption in production.

This equipment also means that action can begin quickly to penetrate and extinguish fire/overheating phenomena in tanks, cisterns, silos and similar constructions in which the use of conventional extinguishing equipment would require that the constructions must first be opened in some way.

The Cutting Extinguisher has also proved itself to be very efficient in combating grass fires where the lightweight hose can quickly be moved within large areas to facilitate effective wetting of burning grass. In addition, the coldcut™ cobra is also effective against deep-lying fire in the ground where its high pressure contributes to ploughing up the smouldering/burning layer of humus.

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