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Ongoing Action Reports

House Fire Andersfält, Sweden, 11/11/2012

A fire has started in the living room, close to the TV in a 1.5 floor villa

Simultaneous use cobras proves effective, 9/5/2012

Fire in a grocery store in Odense, Denmark

Attic fire-Lund, 4/13/2012

Attic fire at kindergarten

School fire, Gothenburg, 7/6/2011

Fire in school premises.

Industry fire, Gothenburg, 7/4/2011

Fire in an industry building.

Fire in a heating plant, Mölndal, 7/4/2011

Fire in a heating plant, in the roof near a flue.

Smoke from an apartment, Copenhagen, 7/4/2011

Smoke from an apartment on Poppelgade, Copenhagen.

Office fire, Gothenburg, 6/30/2011

Fire from the social administration´s premises.

Apartment fire, Gothenburg, 6/23/2011

Fire on the second floor.

Villa fire, Åkarp, 6/22/2011

Fire from the roof.

School Fire, Malmö Sweden, 2/4/2011

Severe fire in several rooms, remaining buildings filled with smoke.

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