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Apartment fire, Gothenburg

Rescue service Gothenburg Rescue Service, greater region
Fire station Lundby
Alarm cause Fire on the second floor.
Effect Good effect with the cutting extinguisher.
Situation by arrival Fire on the second floor with smoke from the windows, chimney and roof.
Tactics Ventilation of smoke by opening windows, sunroof and ventilation of the attic.

Indoor firefighters with BA equipment were asked to go in for rescuing and extinguishing. After that they started the process of point marking between floors. 


The fire was extinguished quickly on second floor. There were a lot of smoke and an intense identification of hot beams with help of an IR-camera.

The spread of the fire was reduced by coldcut™ cobra. Inside the building, where the process of puncturing the floor was going on, one operator of coldcut™ cobra worked together with the indoor firefighter BA-team. The cooperation worked very satisfactorily and the final result was successful.

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