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Cutting Extinguisher helped to establish a safer operation and less water damages

Rescue service Rescue Service South
Fire station Malmö (Hyllie, Centre and Jägersro), Burlöv and Staffanstorp
Alarm cause Fire in building, public restaurant
Situation by arrival

On the 7th of May the Rescue Services got an alarm of fire in a building at Geijersgatan in Limhamn. Units from Malmö (Hyllie, Centre and Jägersro), Burlöv, and Staffanstorp were called to the sight as well as command units from Hyllie and Lund. Upon arrival, flames broke through the windows and roof. The fire was in the part of the building used as a public restaurant. Two cobra cutting extinguishers were used to access the fire in the restaurant's roof between the beams. The operators varied positions from the top and bottom and from the side above the eaves.

The cutting extinguishing operation broke the fire development, had great impact on minimizing risks during the operation, as well as minimizing collateral water damages.


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