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Fire development was rapidly interrupted with cutting extinguisher during safer operation

Rescue service Rescue Service South
Fire station Jägersro and Lomma
Alarm cause Fire in kindergarten
Type of object Kindergarten
Situation by arrival

Rescue Services were alerted to a kindergarten in Arlöv. On arrival heavy smoke came out from the building and was visible from a long distance. Outdoor firefighting with the cutting extinguisher was started immediately followed by an internal inspection of the fire. After a while the fire broke through the roof and the direction of the operation changed to restrict the fire.

The building consists of 7 semi-detached hose bodies/kindergarten departments. Five of these departments were possible to save due to choice of tactics and efficient firefighting. During the operation, cutting extinguishing units from Jägersro and Lomma were used. The Incident Commader was very pleased with the results of the operation and that they managed to hold the initially decided fire boundary lines.

The cutting extinguisher had great impact on breaking the fire development as well as on minimizing risks during the operation.


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