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Fire in a heating plant, Mölndal

Rescue service Gothenburg Rescue Service, greater region
Fire station Mölndal, Frölunda, Gårda, Kungsbacka
Alarm cause Fire in a heating plant, in the roof near a flue.
Situation by arrival White smoke from the roof on arrival and the smell of smoke. Staff say that they just ran a process which explains the white smoke.
Tactics Ventilation of fire gases and location of hidden fires using infrared camera.

Opening of the vents to evacuate the smoke and uncovering around the chimney. At a later stage the cutting extinguisher is brought up on the roof.


The fire occurred when the plant started up and there was a heavy fire in the combustion chamber. The temperature didn´t exceeded the intended temperature level of the plant.

The cutting extinguisher was lifted up on the ceiling with a rope. It was inserted to puncture around the fire and was doing a good job of limiting the spread of the fire.

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