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Fire in container, Gothenburg

Rescue service Gothenburg Rescue Service, greater region
Fire station Gårda and others
Alarm cause Fire in a container.
Situation by arrival Fire in a container. The fire had spread to the overlying building barracks that were used as changing rooms.
Tactics Ventilation, indoor firefighting with BA-equipment and the cutting extinguisher.

We began with exterior firefighting and continued with indoor firefighting with BA-equipment, to be able to ventilate the barracks and if possible access the fire from inside. The fire was though difficult to access so we ordered the cutting extinguisher.

With the coldcut™ cobra we started to extinguish the fire from the side into the ceiling, then punctured on the roof and finally with extinguishing from inside, one floor up.


The operation went better than expected. Thanks to the cutting extinguisher we could stop this fire much faster. This method made ​​it much easier to access all the smoldering fires.

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