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House Fire Andersfält, Sweden

Rescue service Halmstad FRS
Fire station
Alarm cause A fire has started in the living room, close to the TV in a 1.5 floor villa
Type of object The villa is an old building but recently renovated to an open plan configuration.
Effect Very good effect
Situation by arrival During the approach it’s confirmed that the entire family has left the building. Smoke is coming out from the eaves and vents.

Andersfält House Fire

0 minutes / 1010 and 1160 arrive.The Officer and BA team leader make a “360” of the scene together – Now the Cobra is prepared for action and waits to be set to work.

0.5 minutes / The commander and BA team leader evaluate the fire visually and run a thermal scan. They expect a lot of hot fire gases, no visibility and high turbulence. Tar is running down the window panes inside the living room. The windows have not yet broken, but are close to failure. The thermal scan does not show any significant differences on the construction surface.

1 minute / The commander orders the BA team leader to start a Cobra attack in order to create a “window of opportunity” for the following risk assessments and actions.

1.5 minutes / The Cobra operator initiates the Cobra attack trough the entrance door into the hallway. After about 1 minutes of action with the cobra (58 litres of water), a small effect is shown but not yet the ultimate steam cushion. The BA team leader constantly evaluates the situation and gives feedback to the Cobra operator (BA 1). The rest of the personnel on the scene now prepare the PPV, hose and other equipment for following action. The BA team leader now initiates a second cobra attack – directly through the window frame into the living room. After approximately 1.5 minutes the correct steam cushion is shown through vents and openings.

3 minutes / The pump operator and BA 2 are now ready with the conventional hose and PPV. BA team leader provides BA 1 with feedback and BA 2 supports behind BA 1. Now the BA team leader orders abort Co- bra attack and initiates BA 2 attack.

4 minutes / The Cobra aborts and the BA group initiate a safe attack into the house with PPV support in the back without the risk of reigniting. At the same time the pump operator break the windows from the outside, to clear the villa from smoke together with PPV. The smoke is cleared rapidly and the BA team report back that…

8 minutes / ”The smoke is cleared and that the visibility is much better” inside the villa.

The BA team is now searching for construction fires without finding any. The cobra attack has cooled down and extinguished the entire fire spread with a total of 3 min cobra and 180 litres of water.

16 minutes / The mission is completed.

  • To interview the family at an early stage can be important.
  • Give the cobra attack the time it needs.
  • Variation of the Cobra angle and attack can give better effect.
  • After cobra attack, break the windows early to clear the smoke. Trust the Cobras efficiency.
  • Call for abrasive during the whole attack if you’re unsure of what’s on the other side of the hole.

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