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Industry fire, Gothenburg

Rescue service Gothenburg Rescue Service, greater region
Fire station Kortedala and others
Alarm cause Fire in an industry building.
Situation by arrival
Tactics To destroy harmful source. Extinguish the fire in the room where the fire started and to limit secondary damage.

Immediately on arrival, when it became clear that the need existed, the cutting extinguisher resource was ordered from the control center. Height staff took up vents on the roof of the building. After the door was broken up and the fire gases were ventilated through the vents, BA team began indoor extinguishing. The fire in the ceiling which was difficult to access, was extinguished with help of the cutting extinguisher.


An extensive work with great efforts and a high level of professionalism led to that the fire was limited to the area where it started. Methodology has worked superbly and indoor firefighters with BA equipment have been very active, nearly 40 tubes were used. On the roof, the cutting extinguisher was used for several point markings with good results.

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