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Office fire, Gothenburg

Rescue service Gothenburg Rescue Service, greater region
Fire station Frölunda and others
Alarm cause Fire from the social administration´s premises.
Effect The cutting extinguisher was an effective tool in the operation.
Situation by arrival Exterior and interior fire at the arrival, heavy smoke in and around the entire building.
Tactics Interior and exterior fire fighting, pressure ventilation.

The action is immediately interior firefighting with the cutting extinguisher and exterior firefighting with help of height vehicles. Indoor firefighters with BA equipment are sent in after a while. Additional forces are deployed in adjacent fire affected buildings for firefighting and ventilation. This turns out to be a good tactical choice.


The action went better than expected. We started the fire extinguishing immediately using the cutting extinguisher and it turned out to be very effective. I would say that, of course in combination with other units operations, the successful operation is a result of early use of the cutting extinguisher. It was crucial in this action.

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