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School fire, Gothenburg

Rescue service Gothenburg Rescue Service, gretaer region
Fire station Angered, Lundby, Gårda, Frölunda
Alarm cause Fire in school premises.
Effect Good effect with the cutting extinguisher.
Situation by arrival It burned heavily in one room and flames were coming out from the roof. On the opposite side of the school building there was smoke from the eaves.
Tactics Secure the fire spread, ventilation of fire gases and location of hidden fires using infrared camera.

External firefighting, indoor firefighting with BA-equipment and point extinguishing from the ceiling with the cutting extinguisher.


Immediately on arrival the firefighters started the extinguishing from outside. The Rescue Service opened the school with their keys and sent firefighters indoors with BA-equipment to bring out burning objects and put out fans for salvage rescue. Angered was assigned to secure the fire from spreading to the roof horizontally and vertically and was assisted by Frölunda and their cutting extinguisher with very good effect in both sectors. The operation went better than expected with good effects of the cutting extinguisher.

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