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Smoke from an apartment, Copenhagen

Rescue service Copenhagen´s Firefighting Service
Fire station
Alarm cause Smoke from an apartment on Poppelgade, Copenhagen.
Effect Good effect.
Situation by arrival At the Rescue Service arrival there was a heavy fire in the apartment on the 5th floor.

The rescue service quickly noted that the two stairwells were smoke-filled and that there were heavy smoke from the roof. The evacuation of the two stairwells was successful with help of the police. The fire was extinguished by fire fighters with BA equipment and the action of the cutting extinguisher.


Thanks to the quick action with the cutting extinguisher the damage of fire and water became very limited in the attic. The reason for the spread of fire and smoke from the apartment up to the attic was a large shaft that had been made in the building because of renovation. In the extinction phase, they found a number of gas cylinders in the attic. Because of the rapid intervention, the tenants could soon return to their apartments again.

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