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Villa fire, Åkarp

Rescue service Rescue Service South
Fire station Burlöv and Malmö Rescue Service
Alarm cause Fire from the roof.
Situation by arrival Smoke and fire from the roof of a one-story villa.

Rescue teams from Burlöv and Malmö were alerted at 10:30 pm to a villa fire on Akarvägen in Åkarp, Sweden.

When the rescue service arrived, there was smoke from the roof of the one-story villa. Indoor firefighters with BA equipment were deployed for drilling and ventilation on the middle roof. A sky lift with the cutting extinguisher was ordered to come from Jägersro station. The indoor BA-team attacked the fire on the roof with the cutting extinguisher and the pressure pushed the water through the roof.


After just a few minutes of work with the cutting extinguisher the fire subsided in intensity. At midnight the fire was under control and the post extinguishing began. What caused the fire on the roof is currently unclear. The people who were in the house when the fire started managed to escape unharmed before the fire fighters arrived.

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