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Industrial fire metal

An automatic alarm from an industry called for a small intervention with one unit. While on the way new information is received that the full compartment is on fire and the remaining force at the station is also sent out. On arrival smoke is coming out from one part of the building and staff informs the fire service about a fire on the floor that they had failed to put out with hand extinguishers. The compartment is about 60 x 20 meters and with a ceiling height of 7 meters. It is part of a larger building that is 110 x 60 meters.

Since fire gases are not pulsating it is decided to check the temperature under the ceiling with an IR camera and the door is opened slightly. As the temperature is only about 100 degrees it is then decided to mount a BA operation to cool down the ceiling and to scan the interior with the IR camera. They detect a small fire on the floor but also high temperature inside the ventilation system. The fire on the floor is extinguished and a PPV fan is applied to improve visibility.

After this the BA team use the coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher to punctuate the ventilation system in many places guided by the IR camera to extinguish this hidden fire from the outside of the vents. The total operation takes just over one hour with damages limited to ventilation system. Responsibility for the building is handed back to the owner and industrial activities can resume.

The fire in this metal industry in Borås highlights various critical factors that are relevant when understanding how and when to use the cutting extinguisher. Some factors to consider are the amount of accumulated fire gases, temperature of the fire gases and the location of the fire. The initial decision in this case was not to use a cutting extinguisher as the temperature in the fire room was considered to be too low. The cutting extinguisher was used only when the fire on the floor had been extinguished and when the much more complicated fire in the ventilation system was found. Access to the ventilation system was from inside the room and the fire in it was hidden and difficult to reach. The combination of using an IR camera to locate hot spots and fires inside the ducts from the outside together with a coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher to deal with them one by one demonstrate the effectiveness of the now well documented case of combining these two tools. To deal with this fire with conventional tools would have been considerably more difficult and would probably have resulted in destroying the ventilation system.

Industrial fire metal