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The Dutch salvage company SMIT acquired two customized coldcut™ cobra systems in 2006. These are hydraulically driven units with two 20 l abrasive vessels and are connected to SMITs own power pack. Only two months after having become operational one system was put into service against a fire onboard a container ship in the Malacca straits off Singapore.

The coldcut™ cobra units with SMIT have seen further use. For instance on a fire onboard the passenger/ro-ro ferry ”Vincenzo Florio” outside Palermo in May 2009. More recently a coldcut™ cobra was also used to fight a fire on board MT ECO Africa off Egypt.

SMIT is also using the coldcut™ cobra as an advanced cutting tool for cold cutting operations where for instance generating heat would be a hazard.

The passenger/ro ro vessel Vincenzo Floria caught fire outside Palermo, Italy. Five hundred passengers were evacuated and SMIT was commissioned for the firefighting operation. The fire was mainly on a car deck many with trucks on fire. Several techniques was used including the Coldcut Cobra™ was used to extinguish the fire. www.smit.com