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The Port in Singapore

The Port in Singapore, one of the World’s busiest, shifts about 20 million containers in a year.

The fire service at Singapore Port Authority (PSA) is owned and operated by PSA. When upgrading appliances in 2005 they had to consider how to equip the new fire trucks. Various options and possibilities were considered but the conclusion was that the coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher from Cold Cut Systems Svenska AB was the most versatile tool to meet their specific demands and two units were procured. With the coldcut™ cobra unique capabilities they can now efficiently deal with three possible situations in a better way than with alternative equipment.

  • In the case of a fire in a container stacked somewhere in the port area it can be dealt with where it is. If the fire has already spread to neighboring containers they can also be taken care of immediately. Previously a container had to be ‘dug out’ from the stack, moved away to a safe area and filled with water.
  • The coldcut™ cobra provides a safe and easy way to separate containers with flammable or heat sensitive goods that sometimes get stuck in each other. 
  • The coldcut™ cobra waterjet is delivered at up to 300 bar and with 50 litres per minute in the PSA configuration. This also makes it a powerful water pressure cleaner for hazardous, chemical or other types of spills in the harbor area.
The Port in Singapore