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Company facts

About Cold Cut Systems

From the beginning Cold Cut Systems, ISO cert 9001:2008 and 14001:2004, has specialised on the manufacturing of firefighting tools. The company is the sole supplier of the unique Cutting Extinguisher coldcut™ cobra. The outstanding characteristics of the Cutting Extinguisher, such as efficiency, safety, and speed, facilitate the work of firemen all over the world. The company's product range also includes several accessories such as coldcut™ Cold Tap, coldcut™ Cutting Frame and coldcut™ Pipe Cutter.

Cold Cut Systems Head Office is in Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg, where manufacturing is also located. The company is represented worldwide by a network of distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


The main owners of Cold Cut Systems AB are

  • Saab Ventures AB
  • Förvaltningsaktiebolaget Metallica
  • Heikki Dennerström, Risk Management Partner AB
  • Lars G Larsson, the founder of Cold Cut Systems Svenska AB

The market

At present almost 1000 coldcut™ cobra installations of various types are fitted in everything from small vans and conventional 10-15 tonne fire engines to specially built large rescue service vehicles at some 10 airports worldwide.

In Sweden there are Cutting Extinguishers at about 50 rescue services all over the country.

The Rescue Services that use the Cutting Extinguisher on a regular basis have all experienced the coldcut™ cobra's unique advantages in a large number of action situations. Advantages not featured by any other equipment in the market.

At present there are Rescue Services in Sweden that have up to 6-7 Cutting Extinguishers at their disposal. The Cutting Extinguisher is used at present in about 80% of all fire fighting carried out by these Rescue Services.

The Cutting Extinguisher is also found installed in different types of vessels, in refineries, on oil drilling rigs, in processing industry, in the steel industry, in major terminal ports, in shipyards, in coal mines, etc.



In the 1990s the Luleå Rescue Service in Sweden carried out its own tests with the object of developing safe methods to penetrate roof constructions and also to demolish walls and cladding material in fire situations. In 1995 it was stated that no further progress could be made and therefore a request was forwarded to the Swedish Rescue Services Agency with the object of developing safer methods for making ventilation holes in roofs in connection with fire.

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency realised at an early stage the advantages of using water at high pressure and as a result the market was analysed to find companies that could provide equipment for water-jet cutting. The company that was judged as having the best criteria for participation in the project was Cold Cut Systems AB in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

In the subsequent tests it was shown that the tool provided by Cold Cut Systems could not only cut through all currently used building materials, the high pressure and special nozzle of the tool was able to effectively control/extinguish fire inside a building construction.

The work of development was therefore adapted accordingly and the concept has been further developed in cooperation with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, the Lund Institute of Technology, and rescue services in Sweden, with the aim of establishing a new method of firefighting.

The method was given the name Cutting Extinguisher Method, and it was patented in 1997 in the most essential markets in Europe, America and Asia.