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CFD Simulations of the Cutting Extinguisher
This report from SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden) presents the simulation results of the coldcut™ cobra when used for firefighting in conventional structures by the aid of computerized simulations and experimental data.

The simulations were done using Fire Dynamics Simulator which is software for modelling fires. As input for the spray model, data was used from earlier research focused on droplet sizes and velocities in the spray.

In the study, different room types were used to analyze differences that appear with different geometries, obstructions, ventilation aspects etc. For validation, real scale fire tests were conducted for the living room scenario. The result from each scenario demonstrated that the Cobra was outstanding in gas cooling, stirring effects and effectiveness of used water, compared to other systems that were simulated.

CFD Simulations of the Cutting Extinguisher.pdf

The Swedish Cutting Extinguisher Project (2013)

The Swedish Fire and Rescue Service (Svensk Räddningstjänst), the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the Swedish Work Environment Authority, together with Cold Cut Systems, have conducted a project called "The Swedish Cutting Extinguisher Project". Over the course of two years, a large number of firefighting interventions, where the cutting extinguisher has been used, have been assessed and documented. The results during these two years have shown a very positive outcome. In the majority of the interventions conducted, it has been possible to prevent fires from spreading, conduct interventions more safely, reduce the quantity of contaminated extinguishing water and/or limit water damage. Read a summary of the project below.

The Swedish Cutting Extinguisher Project (summary in English)>>

Skärsläckarprojektet slutrapport (entire report in Swedish)>>

Scientific spray characterization of the cutting extinguisher (2012)

This study, made by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden), presents the first experimental measurement of the droplet diameters from a cutting extinguisher, the coldcut™ cobra. The results show that the spray from a cutting extinguisher is characterized by very small droplets. These measurements confirm earlier explanations of the very high efficiency of the cutting extinguisher, and in addition lead to more detailed understanding of its extinguishing and suppressing effect.

Spray characterization of the cutting extinguisher.pdf

Report from Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) - Cutting extinguisher concept, practical and operational use (2010)

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), in collaboration with SERF (Södra Älvsborg Fire & Rescue) and SP technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) analyzed a decade of the Cutting Extinguisher Concept.

SERF has since 1993 worked successfully with the methods in the field of indoor fire and had extensive experience of modern intervention methods.

The report reports scientific study of cutting extinguisher and documented experiences of nearly ten years of use of the concept.

MSB report (ENG).pdf

Fire Suppression Capabilities of Water Mist, Julien Gsell (2009-2010)

In 2009-2010 Julien Gsell wrote a report about the Fire Suppression Capabilities of Water Mist, at the University of Ulster.

Fire Suppression Capabilities of Water Mist.pdf