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SCOTLAND’s firefighters choose Cobra to enable safer firefighting on new fleet


SCOTLAND’s firefighters choose Cobra to enable safer firefighting on new fleet

We are very pleased to announce that, following a tender process, a 300 bar 60 litres per minute Cobra system will be fitted into all 40 Iveco Daily 7.5 tonne vehicles being procured by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) and supplied by Emergency One (E1), a Scotland based coachbuilder. Choosing Cobra will offer SFRS Firefighters a safer firefighting option when responding to fires as well as helping to minimise water damage.

Cobra is the market leading product for Ultra High Pressure Lance equipment with a proven track record of excellent customer service. Over the next three months, our staff will work closely with E1 to supply the Cobra equipment and ensure an optimum fit for the Cobra units, maximising SFRS’ return on investment.

Johan Ivarsson CEO of Cold Cut Systems said, “I am delighted that Scotland have chosen Cold Cut Systems to provide this equipment. Cobra’s innovative technology will enable safer firefighting for today’s and tomorrow’s Firefighters and will help them to keep their communities safe. We look forward to a long and effective working relationship with both SFRS and E1 to ensure that Firefighters get the very best out of our equipment.”

Scotland’s Chief Fire Officer Alistair Hay said:

“This proven firefighting technology means our crews can begin firefighting within seconds of arriving by cutting straight to the heart of the fire.

“Retained and volunteer firefighters are the most amazing people, dedicated to protecting their communities and it is right and proper that we provide them with the best tools for the job.

“The current operating model makes it difficult for us to ensure the availability of resources in rural areas.

“This new technology, combined with the state-of-the-art fire appliances and a more flexible crewing model will improve that availability – and create safer communities in the process.”

Mike Madsen Managing Director of Emergency One said:

“We are delighted to build on our partnership with Cold Cut Systems in delivering state-of-the-art pumping appliances and equipment for the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - making our communities safer.”

For questions please contact:

Johan Ivarsson, CEO: +46 761 01 89 26

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