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Östra Götalands FRS practicing attic fire with cutting extinguisher.


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This video shows how to attack a fully developed attic fire (wooden) with a cutting extinguisher from the gable. Notice the clear and distinct effect associated with the start of the cutting extinguishing operation. The cloud of vapor spreads rapidly through the open attic (no sections) and reaches soon the attics full length. Totally about 140L of water was used during the 2 min 19 sec of cutting extinguishing. All water is used to cool, and extinguish most of the fire.

Inside the house you can see evidence of the coldcut™ cobra´s ability to almost instantly generate suppression in the fire room, thus not press on the fire in an adjacent room. After a few minutes of cutting extinguishing operation the BA crew can be sent into a much safer environment to extinguish any remaining smoldering fires. The operation hereby becomes very efficient in several respects: resource-efficient, highly secure due to external influences of fire, salvage saved due to no water damages.

Along with overpressure ventilation and thermal camera the present operation is very efficient and safe.