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Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department broadens its Cobra engagement

On 9 September 2014, six locally installed Cobra units were delivered to Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department (BFRD) operation. The commercial agreements with BFRD and installations were made by Cold Cut Systems’ Thai distributor, Global Instech Company Limited of Bangkok.


Cold Cut Systems and Global Instech have a strong relationship with Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department since in 2012 when the first four installed cobra-units was delivered to service. The units were delivered together with operators training and incident commander training for the receiving fire stations of the BFRD.

BFRD is one of the most important departments in the metropolitan Bangkok. BFRD’s vision is “Becoming a leading agency for disaster prevention and mitigation so as to protect people’s lives and properties, as well as state properties in Bangkok”. Their main task is to reduce and prevent disasters. BFRD are also act as rapid emergency response team in order to help victims out from disaster area. There are several rescue cases that BFRD are responsible for. For instance, fire rescue, flood/storm rescue, evacuate victims from collapsed building, and rescue victims from chemical hazard and daily service for people.

One, perhaps peculiar, task of BFRD is to search and apprehend venomous snakes in the metropolitan city environment – for instance cobras.