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Cobra - 20 Years of Safer Firefighting

This year, we celebrate that Cobra has been on the market increasing the safety of firefighters, for 20 years!

Cobra is currently used by Fire & Rescue Services, the Navy and Industries in 45 countries Worldwide. We have asked the founder, Lars G Larsson, to tell us a bit more about coldcut™ cobra’s history and how it all began.


The origin of Cobra started in 1987 when sea captain Lars G Larsson, with his company MPAB, evaluated the cold cutting technique DIAJET. As the technology meant that it was now possible to cut in a flammable and explosive environment, Lars G Larsson saw an opportunity to use the technology in the Fire & Rescue Service. By 1988, the cold cutting technique was presented to officers from Fire and Security Services from industries and municipalities in Western Sweden, as well as staff from the Maritime Administration, Sea Officer School and Coast Guard.

"If I had been a better salesman the Cobra would have had its breakthrough already at this time” says Lars G Larsson.

The following year he started the company Cold Cut Systems and the projects with the cold cutting technology came from refineries and paper factories. 

In the mid 90´s the cold cutting technique was evaluated by Luleå Fire and Rescue Service and later by the Swedish Rescue Service Agency (today The Swedish Contingencies Agency) as a tool for making ventilation holes, but the effect on the fire was even better! The Cobra could cut through any material and as soon as the water jet came through there was an immediate temperature drop.

“At the first measurements of the extinguishing effect, the temperature reduction was so high and quick that the responsible fire engineer thought that the cables to the measuring equipment were cut, says Lars G Larsson”

In 1997 a patent was registered for the "cutting extinguisher" and in 1998, the first Cobra systems were sold to Borås and Sörmlands Fire and Rescue Services.