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Cobra demo for the Ministry of Interior, the Czech Republic

Cold Cut Systems participated together with Nordex Agentur, in a customer related activity in Brno in the Czeck Republic, on the 24th of November. Both the Ministry of the Interior (General Directorate) of the Czeck Republic and Prague Fire Rescue Service were part of the day which started with a demo of the coldcut™ cobra system as well as the accessories Cold tap, Cutting frame and Pipe cutter. Thereafter, personnel from Prague fire brigade together with experienced instructors from Brno Fire Training Centre, set up a live fire scenario in an old industrial site in central Brno. The purpose was to show and train the method of using Cobra (Scan-Cool-Clear) and how to reduce risks, before the personnel entered the building with traditional BA-attack. The day was a great success and increased the interest and understanding of the Cobra method.