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coldcut™ cobra shows outstanding result

Study made by SP (SP Technical Research Institute of Swedent).

New research, once again, shows that the coldcut™ cobra is outstanding for fighting fires in buildings compared to other systems on the market. (CFD simulations of the Cutting extinguisher) The effectiveness of the very small droplets is greatly enhanced by the stirring effect due to the high speed in the water jet and a dimensioned water flow where almost all of the used water vaporizes and causing no water damages.

The simulations were done using Fire Dynamics Simulator which is software for modelling fires. As input for the spray model, data was used from earlier research focused on droplet sizes and velocities in the spray. (Spray characterization of the cutting extinguisher)

In the study, different room types were used to analyze differences that appear with different geometries, obstructions, ventilation aspects etc. For validation, real scale fire tests were conducted for the living room scenario. The result from each scenario demonstrated that the Cobra was outstanding in gas cooling, stirring effects and effectiveness of used water, compared to other systems that were simulated.

CFD Simulations of the Cutting Extinguisher final_report 140829

CFD simulations of the Cutting Extinguisher, Svensson, R.,Lindström, J., Ochoterena, R., Försth, M., SP Report 2014:43, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Spray characterization of the cutting extinguisher

Spray characterization of the cutting extinguisher, Försth, M., Ochoterena, R., Lindström, J., SP Arbetsrapport 2012:14, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Research done by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, sponsored by VINNOVA.