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Cold Cut Systems announce the Video of Multi-Purpose Nozzle and the Science behind the Cobra

Cold Cut Systems announce a video compilation of the new Multi-Purpose Nozzle (MPN) innovation. The MPN provides a unique addition  to the Cobra System for all new biuld installations, and widens the range of operations that the combined system can effectively manage.

With the Cobra and MPN combined, your system can respond to a complete range of operational incidents. Everything from large industrial fires, complex compartment fires to everyday car or bin fires is now possible from a single integrated system, essentially, it is two systems in the same toolbox. Cobra and MPN combined will provide the the most effective means of safe firefighting with the capacity and effectiveness to eficiently manage the more common and smaller type of fire incidents.

The MPN is unique as it requires no additional hose line, and can work directly and independently from the Cobra unit, thus minimizing critical installation weight and space. It can be accomodated in all new installations large and small, and for the first time introduces a total capability for your firefighting needs into one fully integrated package. 

The video also updates viewers on recent research regarding the fundamental science behind the Cobra, and the effects of Ultra High Pressure extinguishing at 300 bars.


Multi-Purpose Nozzle (MPN)

MPN complements the coldcut™ cobra when responding to many types of operations. The addition of the MPN broadens the use of the Cobra cutting extinguisher, and in combination provides an enhanced ability to manage many different firefighting scenarios  more effectively and efficiently, such as: car fires, outdoor fires, dampening down operations, decontamination and foam attack.

MPN is a nozzle which operates by the use of  a two-handed pistol grip which can provide variable spray patterns. The spray is easily adjusted and in a few seconds the jet can be switched from a very narrow to a wide cone spray jet.

Radio control, as normally used with the Cobra is not required when working with the MPN as it operates hydraulically directly from the branch. The nozzle is connected with a few simple operations on the same hose used for cutting extinguishing and delivers the same amount of water, but at a lower pump pressure. The pressure varies between 15-60 Bar depending on the jet setting chosen by the operator. MPN can be fitted on several types of coldcut™ cobra application.