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Cold Cut Systems launches MPN



MPN (Multi-Purpose Nozzle) complements the coldcut™ cobra when responding to many types of operations. The addition of the MPN broadens the use of the Cobra cutting extinguisher, and in combination provides an enhanced ability to manage many different firefighting scenarios  more effectively and efficiently, such as: car fires, outdoor fires, dampening down operations, decontamination and foam attack.


MPN is a nozzle which operates by the use of  a two-handed pistol grip which can provide variable spray patterns. The spray is easily adjusted and in a few seconds the jet can be switched from a very narrow to a wide cone spray jet.

Radio control, as normally used with the Cobra is not required when working with the MPN as it operates hydraulically directly from the branch. The nozzle is connected with a few simple operations on the same hose used for cutting extinguishing and delivers the same amount of water, but at a lower pump pressure. The pressure at the nozzle varies between 3-22 Bar depending on the jet setting chosen by the operator. MPN can be fitted on several types of coldcut™ cobra application.


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