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Congrès National

Fire Technologies participated and exhibited the Cobra system for the
3rd consecutive year in the annual Fire Exhibition in France; this year
the 116th "" was held in
Saint-Etienne near Lyon in central France. On the 150 m2 outside
exhibition was 3 COBRA systems on display: Fire Technologies' demo
vehicle (in a Renault Trafic), the first Cobra-system in use by Amiens
(installed in a Renault Trafic) and a Swedish fully equipped fire engine
with Cobra from the Borås Fire Brigade region. Live demonstrations were
performed every 30 minutes in the vicinity of the stand. Personel
included 6 persons from Fire Technologies and CA Monitor (including 4
firemen), Torwald Snickars from CCS, 2 firemen from Södra Älvsborg Fire & Rescue Services, (SÄRF)
(Mauri Sköld & Per Skagerström). The exhibition showed large interest
and many discussions were held with old and new contacts.


Mässa Frankrike 1


Oktober 2009 250d


Mässa Frankrike 09