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Czech Republic implements Cobra nation wide

Czech Republic has decided to install the coldcut™ cobra on most new fire appliances, in total, 30 vehicles are to be delivered this year. The investment is a significant increase of the Cobra capacity in the Czech Republic and represents the first national implementation of the Cobra concept.

The 30 new appliances are to be built on Tatra chassis and will all be equipped with state of the art Cobra systems. The fire service in the Czech Republic states fire fighter safety as one of the main drivers for Cobra implementation. In addition a wide training program for fire fighters and officers is being developed to support the purchase.

Several of the 14 regions in the Czech Republic require modernization of their fire fighting fleet and capability with the Cobra being considered as one of the cornerstones of the program. Equalization of fire protection and recruitment challenges that exist are further drivers for Cobra implementation.

The investment for the 30 appliances has been enabled by EU funds, with all appliances being distributed throughout most of the 14 regions.

Cold Cut Systems CEO, Peter Oom, comments:We in Cold Cut Systems are very pleased to be involved in the Czech Cobra implementation program, as it represents a new modernizing approach by a country with a centralized fire fighting capability. We also note that more and more fire services that implement Cobra, rapidly and on a more widespread basis, are gaining significant strategic benefit . At Cold Cut System we are now committed to help the Czech initiative with guidance, support and training in order to maximize their return on investment. "

Czech Republic

Czech Republic has a population of 10 m people, and isdivided into 14 regions of fire fighting. Training is provided to all regionsvia 3 fire training schools, of which the main school lies in Brno.

coldcut™ cobra

Cold Cut Systems AB is a world-leader in the field ofCutting Extinguishing technology. At present there are about 750 Cobrasystems installed in everything from small vans to rescue service vehicles inmore than 30 countries. The Cobra Cutting Extinguishing method allows the firefighter to safely combat the fire from the outside of a building or structure.The ultra-high pressure lance creates a small hole through all known buildingand construction materials, and injects a very fine water mist into thecompartment. The water mist (created by the >250 bar pressure) will rapidlycool any hot fire gases and extinguish or suppress the fire. Followingoperations can be performed in a safe and relatively cool environment. Experience and many independent research projects confirm theeffectiveness in a wide range of operations from domestic houses to largeindustrial properties.

For more information, please contact Peter Oom, CEO, peter.oom@coldcutsystems.com +46706011916 or visit www.coldcutsystems.com

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