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Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) Emergency Services College ready to train Cobra operators

Tinglev 2

In mid-May Cold Cut Systems conducted an instructor course for the Danish Emergency Management Agency School in Tinglev. The Emergency Services College in Tinglev has for a couple of years delivered courses in alternative fire extinguishing directed more towards officers primarily covering tactical issues.

As a result of this training DEMA Emergency Services College has developed its knowledge of Cobra methodology and can now also offer Operator Cobra Training, mainly to the northern European market. With this development the Emergency Services College will soon be established as part of the coldcut™ academy (CCA) structure. Cold Cut Systems look forward to DEMA Emergency Services College becoming part of the CCA family as the college has a very high international reputation, both in terms of teachers and its training ground.

For more information please contact:

Johan Biörsmark, johan.biorsmark@coldcutsystems.com , +46 768 11 41 14