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User Meeting in Germany during the 29th and 30th August 2012

C/E/R organized the first Cobra enduser meeting in Germany. Endusers from municipal and industrial fire brigades, for example from the FB Gladbeck, FB BASF, FB Currenta, FB Daimler, presented their own organization and of course their experience with the Cobra. Unfortunately, the German coast guard couldn’t join the meeting because of the started preparation for their intervention on the burning vessel “Flaminia”. 

Two instructors of the Fire and Rescue college in Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate) took part in the meeting and highlighted several important aspects of the German tactics and the impact  of the demographic and social trend on the fire fighting in the future. The discussions among the users were very cooperatively and effectively, so that many issues for the future regarding technique, tactic and training could be focused on. Very interesting was also the “live” demonstration of the cobra unit integrated in a Mercedes Sprinter and the frame unit of the BASF with a couple of new accessories developed by the FB BASF itself. Johan Biörsmark from Cold Cut Systems, updated the participants about new structures, projects etc. A highlight was for sure the perfect presentation of Dan Moore (Northamptonshire FRS) about “why” and “how” they introduced  the Cobra into the FRS.  The meeting was a big success. A new network of the Cobra users has hopefully been founded, which will be a very good base for the future of the Cobra and the Cobra method in Germany.

Steffen Rastetter, C/E/R