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German Havarie Kommando

German Havarie Kommando(Central Command for Maritime Emergencies) has an agreement with the fire services in Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Rostock, Lübeck, and Brunsbüttel to participate in ship fires and emergency situations. The Havarie Kommando has five cutting extinguisher for this purpose which also can be used for regular emergency operations in the municipality.

During the week 13th to 17th of June 16 people fulfilled coldcut™ academies Instructors course so they can train their own people back in their own fire services. The training was specialized adapted by marine why some of the training was carried out at the Naval Sea Safety Training School in Karlskrona and the second part was conducted at Guttasjön outside of Borås. During the course instructors participated from Navy, SP, SÄRF and Cold Cut Systems. On Friday Johan Luijks, one of the most experienced firefighters in the world regarding ship fires participated with a very much appreciated presentation on practical experiences from different fires. He gave a lot of valuable tips and tricks. Johan has a lot of experiences from Smit Salvage and Svitzer and also several actions with cutting extinguisher coldcut™ cobra.

For further information, please contact Torwald.snickars@coldcutsystems.com.