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Greater Manchester FRS installs the Cobra on all 44 front line appliances

Cold Cut Systems is pleased to announce that Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service is fully embedding the coldcut™ cobra into their service.

Cold Cut Systems CEO, Peter Oom, comments on the press release:

”I am very proud to be able to announce the cooperation with Greater Manchester. In the recent years we have seen more and more services that are embedding the Cobra into their first response capability. Greater Manchester, being a major international city, is adopting the concept in full as a means of creating a safer operational environment for firefighting, efficient first response and maximizing community value.

The implementation of the Cobra by retro fitting all their 44 front line appliances is a true recognition of the concept, the innovation and the hard work from the company and our partners.

This recognition of our Cobra Cutting Extinguishing Concept far exceeds its commercial value, as we believe that Greater Manchester’s focus on Future Firefighting will stand as a role model for many metropolitan services globally.”

A World of Safe, Clean and Efficient Fire Fighting

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For more information, please contact Peter Oom, peter.oom@coldcutsystems.com, +46706011916