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High Interest for the COBRA in the UK

Dear reader,

I have sent you this market communication, in order to support your interest in innovative and modern firefighting methods that are safer, more efficient and minimize environmental impact.

Cold Cut Systems develop and market the modern firefighting concept of a Cutting Extinguisher, called the COBRA. The method and system allows the fire fighter to penetrate the building on fire from an external position using a very high pressure water supply combined with a cutting abrasive. The benefits are a very high efficiency in cooling and inerting of the fire using very low volumes of water whilst working from a safe position – outside the compartment on fire. The method and system are patented in the UK and other countries.

Cold Cut Systems has been working extensively in co-operation with Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue service which have embedded the methodology entirely in their service over the last few years, which has also included the development of training and tactics for the cutting extinguisher methodology. NFRS have also developed UK specific SOPs, training, and a UK specific risk analysis for the method.

Furthermore, Cold Cut Systems has a long relationship with coachbuilders in the UK who are very skilled in retrofitting appliances with the COBRA, as well as building new appliances for our end customers.

The COBRA is not a completely new system – it has proven it effectiveness for at least 10 years in many countries – but the methodology has only been fully developed in recent years, tactics and training are now in place – and the full potential and efficiency of the COBRA has been demonstrated.

Cold Cut Systems is now seeing several UK services that have, or are about to fully implement the COBRA into their operational systems. Key success factors are among others, training on IC and firefighter level operations, reaching a critical mass of implementation and adoption of first response tactics with the COBRA system.

Cold Cut Systems would be happy to share our experiences and present the COBRA’s capabilities, as well as demonstrating the system to its full potential.

In order to get the best understanding and appreciation of the COBRA’s ability, we would emphasize the importance of a professional demonstration. Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service will be willing to facilitate this as required.

Best Regards

Peter Oom
CEO, Cold Cut Systems


Next generation fire fighting. More than 500 systems of the coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher have been delivered worldwide, and it provides the fire fighter with a unique and highly efficient method to fight fires from the outside, at safe distance from the fire, by using high pressure water cutting to penetrate all building materials extremely quick. The water mist created on the inside drastically lowers temperature and thus in an efficient way extinguish the fire. The method has been developed in close cooperation with Swedish authorities and fire services in Sweden and in the UK, and it does not only make firefighting more efficient, it also enables a safer working environment for fire fighters.
The method and system are patented in the UK and other countries; please contact Cold Cut Systems for further information. Copyright © ColdCut Systems™ AB 2012


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