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Interschutz 2010

Interschutz 2010

Interschutz 2010 in Leipzig, Germany June 7 to 12 was a great success for us. We had a well visited booth in hall A and made daily live fire demonstrations at the outdoor arena for large crowds. We welcomed both old friends among existing coldcut™ cobra users from near and far as well as established many new and interesting contacts for the future.

2010 was the third Interschutz in which the company participated. Over the years both company and products have developed and matured. The emphasis this time was not so much on the tool as on the method. There is today 10 years user experience and hundreds of incident reports to back up the coldcut™ cobra and the tactics on how to use it and this was the message we tried to convey.

The main display indoors was the C 330D marine unit. A coldcut™ cobra frame unit fulfilling strict military specifications, and currently in use on board vessels of the Swedish navy. Some of these vessels have recently participated in patrolling the turbulent waters outside the horn of Africa where the unit was also shown for navies from other countries.

We also displayed some of our advanced cutting accessories, the coldcut™ Cold Tap, the coldcut™ Cutting Frame and the coldcut™ Pipe Cutter at the booth. This created interest especially among some industrial users.

The booth was shared with MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.  They are now the driver of the EU Firefight II project where new and safer fire fighting methods are being discussed and developed. The key component in the ‘Cutting Extinguisher Concept’ (CEC) is the cutting extinguisher which is used in combination with IR camera and PPV fan to improve the conditions inside a fire room before a BA attack can take place.   

This new concept is also was what shown during our daily live demonstrations. A team of fire fighters, mainly from SERF and the city of Borås in Sweden but sometimes accompanied by staff from elsewhere, showed CEC in practice. Our fire fighters already had considerable coldcut™ cobra experience from real fires back home that they shared with our visitors. To guide the audience during demonstrations we had native speakers from both Germany and the UK. In the latter case courtesy of the Northamptonshire fire service. This fire service has added 10 units to their force over the last 18 months and they are now also practicing the CE concept.

There is now a lot of follow up work for us after the exhibition but we are already in our mind preparing for Interschutz 2015!