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The new and reinforced organization of Cold Cut Systems is getting in place. The most important part of the new organization is of course that we as of the 1st of October have appointed Peter Oom as the CEO of our company. Peter´s experience from international sales and marketing together with the appointment of two new sales managers put us as a company in very good position to expand our business further.


Ditlef Fürst, Chairman of the Board, Cold Cut Systems

"Peter's main challenge will be to define Cold Cut Systems' future market expansion, nationally as well as internationally. With his experience, dedication and leadership Peter will contribute to Cold Cut Systems' future development ".


Peter Oom, CEO  

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to lead Cold Cut Systems into the next phase. The coldcutTM system has proven very effective, and with the right support to our users, we will establish coldcutTM cobra as an international industry standard for firefighters. I am confident we now have the right set-up for international growth – combining the uniqueness of the product with a strong and dedicated sales staff, good user support and a high quality production. I also look forward to working closely together with our distributors, who are a very important and integral part of our business.