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New offer for retrofit

During spring 2012, the Kalix FRS chose to retrofit a coldcut™ cobra onto a Scania fire truck (2004). The vehicle is the first responder stationed at Kalix, north of the arctic circle in Sweden.

The Kalix Station is manned 1+4 fulltime during day time. At other hours, 1+2 firefighters are at service with a backup of 2 part timers within 6 minutes. By installing a cutting extinguisher in the first responder vehicle, we see a clear opportunity to create better conditions and more efficient operations. There is great potential to create much better conditions in case of an eventual BA operation, especially at times when they have to wait for the part-time firefighters to arrive.

During spring Kalix Rescue Service trained a number of their personnel in the cutting extinguishing method at coldcut™ academy. Some of the staff did a trainer course after the basic training. The Kalix FRS is now fully qualified to train their personnel internally.

For questions about Kalix, please contact CCS or Peter Wikstrom at the Kalix FRS, Peter.Wikstrom@kalix.se

If you wish to get started with the cutting extinguishing method, a retrofit is the fastest option since you do not have to wait for the next vehicle to be purchased. Along with the coach builder, we can design the retrofit according to your requirements. The installation usually takes a few weeks. Coldcut™ academy offers Basic training and Trainer courses at our partner locations in Europe, as well as local courses at desired location. Delivery training is always included in the purchase of a coldcut™ cobra.

If you want a quote for a retrofit or just see if it's possible for your particular vehicle, please contact us!

Jimmy Otter +46 709-68 93 44
David Nielsen +46 708-41 41 79