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New part owner CCS

New issue of shares makes Cold Cut Systems ready to take the next step

Kungsbacka based Cold Cut Systems Svenska AB (CCS), who are a leading manufacturer of cutting extinguishing systems, have recently completed a new issue of shares which provides the company with 12 MSEK of growth capital for the future.

CCS is a fast growing company with a annual turnover of around 30 MSEK who develops, manufactures and sells firefighting systems to fire and rescue services world wide, based on a unique and patented technology. A dedicated, long-term and loyal work, both within the company and by the owners, with the purpose of creating the right growth conditions have resulted in an increase in sales during 2009 of more than 50 percent. CCS also secured it first sales towards the military market during 2009, which is considered a breakthrough.

In order for CCS to continue its growth and be able to take the next step CCS’s owners during 2010 worked towards securing a new issue of shares and thus providing growth capital to the company. That work has resulted in a 12 MSEK investment by Förvaltningsaktiebolaget Metallica, which was finally settled in July. Metallica is owned by the labor union IF Metal and invests in interesting Swedish based industrial companies, and are a solid and long-term owner who together with the other main owners Saab AB (publ.) and Risk Management Partner AB intent to develop the company further. The investment makes it possible for CCS to continue its expansion and to directly address a couple of key markets, as well as strengthening its distribution network and after sales activities.

Next generation fire fighting
More than 450 systems of the Cold Cut Cobra cutting extinguisher have been delivered in worldwide, and it provides the fire fighter with a unique and highly efficient method to fight fires from the outside, at safe distance from the fire, by using high pressure water cutting to penetrate all building materials extremely quick. The water mist created on the inside drastically lowers temperature and thus in an efficient way extinguish the fire. The method has been developed in close cooperation with Swedish authorities, and it does not only make fire fighting more efficient, it also enables a safer working environment for fire fighters. For further information: www.coldcutsystems.com

Contact person: Lars Hellström, CEO,
Tel: +46 (0)300-40 41 14
Mobil: +46 (0) 768-114 114