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NFRS, UK - Increased collaboration with CCS

During December two fire officers from Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service (NFRS) visited Sweden to become certified Instructors for coldcut™ cobra. They shared experiences with Cold Cut Systems, MSB and SÄRF from education and training in various courses, as well as method implementation and the use of different training facilities.

The program included visits to Cold Cut Systems, Guttasjön Borås (SÄRF) and MSB College Sandö, the Stockholm Fire Brigades and the Rescue Services of Gothenburg. After training as well as constructive discussions with fire officers and advanced teachers the two NFRS fire officers returned to the UK as certified instructors.

The visit to Sweden also resulted in that one of the instructors from NFRS participated in activities together with Cold Cut Systems in the Asia market just before Christmas.

More on the collaboration between NFRS and CCS to come. NFRS is also an important partner in the European Firefight II Project. www.eurofight.com