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Positive semi-annual report from The Swedish Cutting Extinguisher Project

In spring 2011 it was decided to undertake a project with nine cutting extinguisher units located at three different Fire and Rescue Services. The background to start the project is the need for technical and tactical development of methods for fire operations. During the project the main task includes assessment, monitoring and transfer of knowledge from completed operations.

The participating organizations found out that during the evaluation period of the first six months there have been many fires where the cutting extinguishers were used. In the majority of these fires, the Fire and Rescue organizations has managed to break down a fast fire spread, conduct safer operations, reduce polluted runoff from fires and also received minor water damage. The decision to use modern methods has often been decisive for the positive outcome of these firefighting operations.

The project team is very satisfied with the good results and suggests in the report that the project is extended to include two years in order to further ensure the statistical results so fare. In the project the following organizations are participating, Region South Fire and Rescue Service (Räddningstjänsten Syd),  The Lomma-Staffanstorp  Fire and Rescue Service , The Södertörn Fire and Rescue Service, The Work Environment Authority,  Cold Cut Systems and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The first year evaluation report is presented in the summer 2012 and final report by June 2013.

For more information contact, torwald.snickars@coldcutsystems.com