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Cobra Program for INTERSCHUTZ 8-13 juni

Hall 13, Stand D38

Meet Fire Chief Officers, in our stand every afternoon, sharing their experiences of the coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher. Gothenburg (SE) and Gladbeck (DE) on Monday - Thursday, Manchester and Northamptonshire (UK) on Thursday and Friday.


Live-demo at the demonstration site (VG)

Experience the Cobra methodology - a safe, clean and efficient way of fire fighting with exceptional tactical opportunities and modern technology combined with traditional methods. The live intervention demonstration shows fire fighting of a residential house fire, spreading to the attic, using three different types of appliances. Multiple use with 2 Cobras is applied. Welcome into the demo scene after the demo, to talk with the Cobra crew including firefighters from Sweden, UK and Australia.

Mon: 13.00-13.30
Tue: 10.00-10.30 & 13.00-13.30
Wed: 10.00-10.30 & 13.00-13.30
Thu: 10.00-10.30 & 13.00-13.30
Fri: 10.00-10.30 & 13.00-13.30
Sat: 10.00-10.30

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