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Season´s Greetings

It has been a very busy and exciting year at Cold Cut Systems. We have seen a clear shift in increased interest and sales in many of our markets. We appreciate this - not only as a commercial company - but more importantly because of the ethical perspective and mission of Cold Cut Systems: 
Safer Fire Fighting – Efficient Fire Fighting  – Saving Environment. Our drive is to contribute to modern fire fighting capability enhancing safety, improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

In addition to the increased interest, we have also seen a substantial repositioning and new understanding of the coldcut™ cobra. Several years back, it was perceived as a specialist piece of equipment capable of handling specific incidents. Today, it has been demonstrated, that maximum impact for a fire service is when the Cobra is strategically implemented as an embedded methodology, readily available within the rapid response phase of operations. In this respect, we know that the Cobra is highly complementary to conventional fire fighting. 
Moreover, we know that critical success factors for the organizational implementation is to focus on the Methodology, Training, and Frequency of use.

The team at Cold Cut Systems has been very busy this year. We have seen two newcomers, who I would again like to welcome; 
David Nielsen works with sales and training, predominantly in Sweden. David has a long experience from working within the Swedish rescue services. His last position was being an incident commander in Halmstad. 
Mark Smitherman is our marketing manager in the UK. Mark has a long experience in the UK service especially with Health and Safety. Mark’s most recent position in the Service was CFO for South Yorkshire and Director of Operations for the CFOA.

Recent scientific research has also added additional context to the long-standing confidence in the effectiveness of the coldcut™ cobra. For many years we have been observing its effectiveness in tests and incidents ranging from small domestic to large industrial fires, but the new research helps us explain and understand the effectiveness of the high velocity micro water droplets produced by the coldcut™ cobra, which produces a highly effective water mist that rapidly suppresses, extinguishes and inerts the fire.

I would also like to highlight that this December, we are supporting the Firefighters’ Cancer Foundation. We are all aware that the profession of firefighting is dangerous, not insignificantly due to the risk of backdraft, flashover and collapsing structures. With the introduction of Cobra, most of these risks can be mitigated and dramatically reduced.
Unfortunately, modern research shows that specific forms of cancer are much higher among firefighters than average due to years of exposure to carcinogens and toxic gases, despite sophisticated PPE and BA. We in Cold Cut Systems would like to help. So if you are surprised that you don’t get a box of Swedish “ginger breads” or a postcard from Cold Cut Systems this year, you know that we would rather invest in a greater cause! 

Thank you and see you in 2013! It is going to be a great and safe year!

Peter Oom
CEO Cold Cut Systems