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Staffanstorp-Lomma FRS – the fastest response crew in Sweden – enabled by Cobra

Swedish Staffanstorp-Lomma Fire and Rescue Service have the fastest response times in the nation. In 2012 the mean time was 7.4 minutes, according to SKL - Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (www.tjugofyra7.se/msb/Avdelningar/Nyhet/Staffanstorp-snabbast/). Compared to their traditional organization, they save 3-4 minutes in response time to the incident, CFO Roger Gustafsson says.

Staffanstorp-Lomma FRS is located in southern Sweden and is a co-operation between the two townships. The total population of the two towns is approx. 25000 with an additional total of 20000 in the rural area. The density is approx. 280 inhabitants per km². The FRS is a part time service where the firefighters work at day jobs, but are on call every third or fourth week.

the fastest response crew in Sweden – enabled by Cobra

Each fire station in each town are equipped with two Offensive Units (First Response Units) at Staffanstorp-Lomma FRS. The two vehicles at each station are together fully equipped for firefighting, pre-ambulance, water rescue, traffic rescue, preventive work and medical alert. The vehicles requires only normal car drivers license. The Mercedes Sprinter is equipped with a Cobra cutting extinguisher and 300 liters of water, enough for 5 minutes of intervention.

The rapid response time was enabled by letting the firemen on duty having first response vehicles at home as well as at work. Instead of all firemen going to fire station, two firemen goes with their separate vehicles directly to the incident and the rest of the crew will arrive with the pumper a few minutes later. One of the two first responders that are always called out is equipped with a Cobra cutting extinguisher, enabling early intervention of the fire in a safe way from the outside. When the rest of the crew arrives, the inside BA attack may be carried out in a cooler and safer condition.

Area covered with traditional organization, 10 minutes from call; 5 minutes to Fire Station and 5 minutes to incident.

Areas covered by using 1 + 1 First Response Vehicles, including one with Cobra.


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