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Strong Danish interest

2009 indeed seems to be turning into the Year of the Cobra in Denmark.




The first Cobra unit was delivered in Denmark in 2000 and as per today, a total of six units are

found across the country, as reported in the May 2009 edition of the Danish magazine Brandvæsen.


Activities in Denmark involving the Cobra concept in its various fields of application have been

intensified in 2009, and strong interest in developing the user base and methods is shown

by representatives of the Danish rescue system, shipping lines and insurance companies.

A Danish Cobra users group was formed in 2009.


The Cobra has been delivered to the rescue services of a number of Danish cities such as Copenhagen, Odense, Roskilde, Vestegnen and Gladsaxe.

In addition one Cobra is used at the training facilites of the Emergency Services College of the Danish Emergency Management Agency at Tinglev.


Odense fire department orders Cobra on both their new firetrucks to be delivered in 2009.


Denmark is the Scandinavian nation with the single largest Cobra growth potential over time.

As a comparison, in Sweden 125 Cobras have been delivered and in Norway 40 Cobras.





Following its analysis regarding the potential need for a First Response Unit in view of a reorganisation of its response tactics, the rescue service of Vesthimmerland in central Jutlandia, Vesthimmerland rescue service website, undertook a practic evaluation (May/June 2009) of a First Response Cobra Unit at its disposal.




Danmark 1



The evaluation period was sucessfully concluded on June 4, by a house burning at Farsø.

The participants, in all some 90 persons, from the local public rescue service and that of Falck were joined by Cobra users of other Danish rescue services and by representatives of the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

(Watch clip here)



danmark 2



Says Niels Jørgen Nygaard, Divisional Officer at the Vesthimmerland rescue service:


- "We have been monitoring the discussions of the cutting extinguisher, and without doubt this is a tool that can be used by rescue services in townships with short response lead times. Our rescue service is a typical "countryside rescue service" with a turn-out time of five minutes and quite long driving distances, and we wished to verify whether the cutting extinguisher was of good use also when arriving at a late stage of the fire."


- "In our experience; YES it is of good use, thus we do consider getting a Cobra in connection with implementing the new risk based dimensioning of our rescue service from 2010."


A fully operative First Response Unit vehicle from the Södra Älvsborg Fire and Rescue Service of Borås, Sweden, carrying a hydraulic powered Cobra, IR camera and PPV ventilation equipment was shown during the house burning at Farsø.

Danmark 3


The concept of the First Response Unit is well established and in frequent use in Sweden and in Norway.


Should Vesthimmerland decide for a First Response Unit, this will be the first of its kind in the country,  thus breaking the trend of Cobras installed on mid size and large fire trucks throughout Denmark.  




The rescue services division of the Danish BAR Council (Trade Working Environment Council for transport and wholesale) is organising a seminar on rescue service staff safety at Nyborg on September 30.


Mr Martin A Sørensen of the Emergency Services College of the Danish Emergency Management Agency will address the work environment safety aspects of using the cutting extinguisher at this event.


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http://www.bartransportogengros.dk/Default.aspx?ID=3441  (Danish)



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