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Strong development in the UK

Developing the strategic awareness of COBRA in the UK has been the focus for Mark Smitherman since joining the Cold Cut team in early May.  Mark has undertaken a range of presentations to strategic managers throughout the Service and has recently presented on COBRA’s operational philosophy in the Republic of Ireland. He is also assisting Cold Cut Systems in engaging with a number of new installers who are presently developing their capability to install COBRA within a wide range of vehicle configurations.

“ At this stage of development for COBRA in the UK and Ireland, it is important to ensure that the whole market structure completely understands what COBRA can offer regarding the strategic operational agenda of services.  COBRA is not just a new and innovative operational tool; it can provide strategic managers with the ability to address a range of key issues, notably firefighter safety, firefighting efficiency, and environmental impact; but also issues of service continuity and enhancement of traditional firefighting techniques.  My role is to ensure that the awareness of COBRA and its operational philosophy is maximised here in the UK and the Republic of Ireland so that services can make informed decisions about how the COBRA system can enhance operational capability, and its strategic potential regarding a range of service aims and objectives.”

Mark is available to engage with Services regarding the operational and strategic potential of COBRA, and is contactable via email or by telephone at the following address or telephone number. 

Mark Smitherman
Tel: +44 7979 725689
E-post: mark.smitherman@coldcutsystems.com