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Successful final demonstration of the FIREM project

On Thursday May 28, a final demonstration of the project "Fire Rescue in Mines" (FIREM) was conducted in Luleå, in northern Sweden. The goal of the FIREM project is to investigate whether, by combining the coldcut™ cobra with an existing remote-controlled wheel loader, it is possible to transform this vehicle into a firefighting unit that can rapidly begin a firefighting intervention without endangering the safety of the on-site response personnel. Additional positive side effects are reduced response times and increased ability to quickly evacuate mining personnel.

Behind the project are Robotdalen and Mälardalen University, together with Boliden Mineral AB, Cold Cut Systems AB, Luleå University of Technology, Volvo Construction Equipment AB and Örebro University.

The project, financed by VINNOVA, aims to lead to a safer environment for those working in the mine as well as the on-site response personnel. Further project ambitions are; more efficient use of the work utility vehicles for the mining companies, less downtime and a more effective fire prevention. The FIREM methodology could also be used in environments other than mines.

At the final demonstration, an intervention with a remote-controlled fire extinguishing unit equipped with the Cobra was simulated in an industrial park in Luleå, under the supervision and help of Luleå fire and Rescue Service.