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Swedish Coast Guard equips its three 00-ships with marine Cobras

In 2013, the Swedish Coast Guard equipped their three multipurpose vessels of the 00.class, KBV001 Poseidon, KBV002 Triton and KBV003 Amphitrite, with three cutting extinguishers, model C330D Marine Unit.

The ships are the largest ever in the Coast Guard fleet. The vessels’ purposes are, in addition to extinguishing fires at sea, taking care of larger volumes of oil spill at sea and perform emergency towing. KBV 003 is also specially adapted to assist in chemical accidents at sea.

The purpose of the acquisition of the Cobra units is to supplement the equipment on board with cutting extinguisher to fight a fire aboard the "third parties", i.e. fire aboard vessels in Swedish and adjacent waters.

The Coast Guard also evaluates to subsequently implement procedures to allow COBRA to be a part of the fire protection of the own ship.

KBV001 Poseidon arriving first time to its home harbour, Gothenburg (source: Wikipedia)

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