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Tanum chose coldcut™ cobra

After evaluation of alternative fire extinguishig systems for a First Respons Unit, Tanums Rescue Service chose to purchase a coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher.

"Crucial for the decision of which new fire suppression system we would aquire was that it would affect the fire and fire gases in a way that the working environment for our fire fighters significantly improved" explains Tomas Magnusson, Deputy Fire Chief at Tanums Rescue Service.

The system was installed by Carlbyte Systems in Sala in a Volkswagen that was delivered in March. The vehicle will now be used as a First Respons Unit that will be used for all alarms daytime. To broaden the application of the system, it was equipped with foam additive and nozzles. To obtain a quick start-up with the system some of the staff from Tanums Rescue Service already has been trained in the Cutting Extinguishing Concept at Guttasjön in Borås.

For questions, please contact us or Tomas Magnusson at Tanums Rescue Service.