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The Church was saved with the Cobra tactical method "Inside defensive"


Vintrosa church, with lineage to the 13th century, caught fire on 8th of March 2014. The church is situated in a rural area 13 km west of the city of Örebro and within Nerike FRS region.
The fire started in the roof construction at the gable farthest away from the church tower and spread steadily to the remainder of the church through the attic and down to the rest of the construction. The structure is made of wood and combustible insulation.

When Örebro Cobra arrived on the scene, they chose to use the tactical method "Defensive inside" (see picture). The tactical model is an version of “Brandweerdoctrine – Kwadrantenmodel” which is developed by Brandweer Nederland / Brandweeracademie to describe the possible fire combat methods.

The Cobra attack began from the inside of the church tower, through a door, towards the attic that contained hot gases and which threatened to spread the fire. The attack allowed efficient firefighting from a safe place, which stopped the fire development and cooled the fire gases with a limited amount of water. This created a window of opportunity in which further intervention could be planned and implemented. By using this method, the FRS saved the church tower, organ and other parts of the church from fire damage. The roof, parts of the pulpit and the altar was seriously damaged as the fire started at this end.

Read more about the Brandweerdoctrine- Kwadrantenmodel at www.brandweerdoctrine.nl (Dutch)